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Mission Statement

Empowering significant change through digital giving.

Vision Statement

To harness the full potential of cryptocurrency, connecting global communities to create a brighter future for all mankind.

Privacy Policy

Integrity and Anonymity

No tracking. No cookies. No jQuery and no external style sheets, scripts or files. No sign-up. No accounts. No emails. No overhead costs. No fees or subsriptions. No geolocation. No IP address logs. No ads. No affiliate links.

We trust each other. We do not track each other.

Third-Party Audits

Yes, of course. Confirm our security headers, public ledger, html code, and SSL certificate.

Bitcoin Address Integrity

Note especially that the Bitcoin address 3ERBHeQ9SENDcsbmZMBTCFvY1LfGiCMEH8 contains the words "SEND," "BTC," and "ME" in exactly this order and highlighted at the top of the page so that it is proven unequivocally linked with this domain name –

Latest Revision Date

September 21, 2023

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Our Accounts

Nothing linked. If you want to share this with your friends and contacts on Facebook, WhatsApp, or wherever you hang out, do it.


On the Blockchain

To send us a message, include so-called arbitrary data in a transaction to our Bitcoin address (above); see instructions for OP_RETURN Script Opcode here.

Real-Time Bitcoin Market Data

(Updated once a minute and refreshed every time you re-visit this page.)

Market Cap

The current global market cap for Bitcoin is $519,033,865,489

Bitcoin Price

The current spot price for Bitcoin (BTC) is $26,630.90


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